Bogliaco Golf Club

Bogliaco Golf Club

Passion since 1912

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Golf Club

Historical Golf Bogliaco was born more than 100 years ago, and has aimed at becoming a landmark for all the foreigners who visit Lake Garda ever since.


1912-2020: more than 100 years of history

Golf Bogliaco was created in 1912 thanks to the enterprise of a hotel owner and the need to satisfy the demands of increasing tourism from the United Kingdom and Germany. It's the third oldest golf course in Italy.
Since then its fairways have followed the course of history: first it was patronised by sovereigns and famous people; in 1934 the course was transformed into a wheat field, then it was used as a runway for planes by German troops, and lastly by Americans, who used to play baseball there.
It was once again brought into use as a golf course in 1952.

History Golf Bogliaco

Since June 2004 the course was extended to 18 holes and starting from May 2017 Golf Bogliaco was acquired by Terme di Sirmione, leading company operating in global tourism on Lake Garda and first thermal company in Italy. From its aquisition there have been multiple improvements, from services to hospitality, which led to the realisation of a 10-room Lodge. Also, the existing Apartments became available for rent-to-buy formulas.

18 buche Golf Bogliaco - Terme di sirmione

The committee

  • President
    Rosa Bordoni
  • president
    Rosa Bordoni
  • Councilman - Treasurer
    Valter Botter
  • Councilman - Sports
    Vittorio Rasera
  • Councilman
    Fabrizio Piovanelli
  • councilman
    Tiziano Cristofoletti
  • Orsolina Malafico
  • Luisa Grazioli
  • Antonella Fasano
  • Supplente
    Paolo Travagliati
  • Supplente
    Claudio Zanotti
  • Sandro Castellini
  • Paolo Negroni
  • Nicola Elena
  • Golf Manager and Golf Bogliaco Club Secretary
    Andrea Capelli
  • Luciano Tavernini
  • Cesare Turchi
  • Marina Ciceri Angioletti
  • Paolo Sbrissa
  • Loredana Gualtieri
  • Supplente
    Ada Paleari
  • Supplente
    Marcella Cima
  • Roberto Prestini
  • Massimo Angioletti
  • Ruffo Lorenzo
  • Supplente
    Vanda Quarenghi
  • Supplente
    Maria Teresa Negroni